CMPRO™ Pricing for General Contractors

CMPRO™ is a web-based, SaaS Construction Management Software Solution powered by and specifically designed to meet the mission-critical needs of General Contractors on construction projects of all types, from residential, commercial, to heavy civil, industrial, and environmental. CMPRO™ is available in 1-Year and 2-Year subscriptions with unlimited users in each plan.

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CMPRO™ takes a “lean” approach to our product based on years of experience in the construction industry and billions of dollars in managed commercial and residential construction. We believe simple is better. 

Easy to Set Up, Learn, and Use Every Day on Every Project

CMPRO™ Construction Management Software is easy to learn and use, saving you time, money, reducing training time, and increasing compliance with your field and office teams.

The Right Tools to Connect Your Job Site and Office Teams

CMPRO™ connects your job site and office teams with the right tools to work and communicate more efficiently and effectively every day on every project.

Built by Construction Management Professionals

CMPRO™ is designed, built, and supported by experienced Construction Management professionals, who have delivered billions in completed construction projects.

Designed for General Contractors and Sub-Contractors

CMPRO™ offers separate, secure modules and features designed specifically for General Contractors and Sub-Contractors.

Cost-Effective Enough to Use on Every Project

CMPRO™ is priced affordably, making it one of the most cost-effective construction management software applications available today. You can plan it into every project budget with peace of mind.

CMPRO for General Contractors

Get the Right Tools to Connect Your Job Site and Office Teams to Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity

Get all of the benefits of CMPRO for your Job-Site and Office project management teams including access to our Customer Success Support team. CMPRO subscription plans are available per project and feature unlimited users, and 1-Year, or 2-Year subscription plans.

All On-Site Features Including:

All Office Features Including:

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