CMPRO,™ Designed, Built, and Supported by Construction Management Professionals

Our Background is Your Background

CMPRO™ Construction Management Software is designed, built, and supported by Construction Management Professionals with decades of experience in all types of construction projects: residential, commercial, heavy civil, industrial, and environmental.

CMPRO™ was designed to be “lean,” taking an “everything you need and nothing you don’t” approach to developing the features that go into our product. Our unique approach is based on feedback from hundreds of people involved in enterprise-level construction, from owners to asset managers and financiers, construction managers, job-site superintendents and foremen, general contractor and sub-contractor business owners, back-office accounting bookkeeping, and inside project management personnel.

And the direct feedback we heard was that construction management software was becoming too complex and too expensive. So we listened. 

That’s why our primary mission with CMPRO™ is simplicity. Simplicity equals savings, both in time and money. The more straightforward the process can be for critical, often daily communication and reporting between the field and the office, the more time your team can spend managing the build time, cost, quality, and safety.

The construction industry is constantly under time and financial pressure. Build it cheaper. Build it faster. Always. Whether you’re building a high-rise office tower, a master-planned residential community, or a mid-rise luxury apartment complex, there is tremendous pressure to make the budget and make the schedule. But when the very tools you need to make it happen work against you, it’s time for a change. That’s why we built CMPRO.™ 

Typical construction management software has become too complex, bloated, and hard to learn. As a result, most construction companies only use a fraction of the services they pay for every month. And as software complexity and integration expand, so does your cost to train your team—productivity decreases. Your team works for the software instead of the software working for them.

CMPRO™ was built to be lean, just like your business. It connects your office accounting and financial team with your job-site team like never before. CMPRO™ empowers your team in the field, and in the office, with the mission-critical, daily communication, reporting, financial, and documentation needs on every project in one intuitive, easy-to-learn, and use software platform. It is Construction Management Software Simplified.™

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