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The CMPRO™ Construction Management Professionals Blog is aimed at construction managers such as you. It is designed to bring you insights on increasing productivity and reducing costs for your on-site and in-office construction project teams. Check back often to keep up to speed on how CMPRO™ can help you manage your construction project documentation simply and easily. CMPRO™ is Construction Management Software Simplified.™


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Easily Overcome Technology Hesitancy in Your Construction Business With These 5 Simple Steps

Simple technology systems can help your general contracting or sub-contracting business overcome “technology hesitancy,” increase productivity, add to your bottom line, and demonstrate a healthy return on the initial investment. When one poorly documented change order could cost your company thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of irrecuperable dollars, the ROI for construction management technology becomes evident. If you are currently facing “technology hesitancy,” here are some simple steps you can take to implement new solutions into your business in a thoughtful and meaningful way.

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