CMPRO™ for General Contractors

Manage critical communications and documentation from your field team to save time and reduce costs.​ CMPRO™ gives your job site team the tools to manage Daily Logs, Meetings, Plans, Punch Lists, RFIs, Submittals, and Transmittals. CMPRO™ is easy to learn and use, reducing training time and increasing team compliance.

Empower Your Job Site Team to Manage Critical Communication, Reporting, and Documentation Easily, Saving You Time and Money on Every Project

As a General Contractor, your job site management team has mission-critical tasks to complete every day. Their job is to keep the project humming along, knocking out build phases and milestones while keeping stakeholders informed towards a successful completion: one time, on budget, as designed and specified. Construction management software that is too complex to use daily prevents your on-site team from focusing on their primary responsibilities: managing build time, cost, quality, and safety. When the software tool is too cumbersome, bloated, and expensive to use effectively, it’s time for a new solution: CMPRO™ Construction Management Software Simplified.™

Learn More About the CMPRO™ Job Site Product Features Designed Specifically for General Contractors

CMPRO™ gives your field personnel all the tools necessary to easily and efficiently manage Daily Logs, Meetings, Plans, Punch Lists, RFIs, Submittals, and Transmittals in an easy-to-learn and use web-based application. CMPRO™ is designed and developed by construction management professionals with decades of build experience. We’ve taken a lean approach to our product giving your team everything you need and nothing you don’t. CMPRO is intuitive, easy to learn, set up, and use reducing training time and shortening learning curves. Because CMPRO™ is web-based, it runs easily on any connected desktop or mobile device. It allows your team to coordinate all essential job-site documentation and communication with your office, and project stakeholders every day.


Daily Logs are a vital link between project stakeholders, your team in the field, and your office. Give everyone key insight and daily build progress details right from the field, keeping them updated on critical milestones completed, weather delays, manpower on-site, and much more. CMPRO™ allows your job-site team to create, record, distribute, and manage Daily Logs quickly and easily, connecting project stakeholders with your job-site and back-office teams like never before.


The Meetings feature gives your job site management team all the tools necessary to schedule and document meetings, list attendees, meeting notes, and distribute them to everyone involved in the project: the owner’s team, on-site construction management team, subcontractors, and the office.


Save critical construction plans, blueprints, shop drawings, technical specifications, material data, and other critical documents for easy reference in the field. The Plans feature in CMPRO™ allows your field team to create a single repository for all build documents that can be saved,  accessed, and shared easily with everyone on the project, saving time searching for the correct, up-to-date version.


Creating, accessing, and distributing the most current Punch Lists in the field for timely completion can be the difference between a job finishing on time or costly delays. CMPRO™ allows easy creation, management, and distribution of project punch lists to help ensure the work is completed as bid and the quality is up to your standards.


Timely documentation, distribution, and response to Requests For Information (RFIs) from your job-site team can save hours on every job. Easily create and manage all your RFIs in one dashboard. Create new RFIs in just minutes, quickly see the status of all your RFIs, and update the status on one screen. Easily print, email, or create a PDF of every RFI you need for your project.


The Submittals feature allows your field team to generate and transmit for approval the documents critical to the finished build, such as shop drawings, equipment cut sheets, material sample/datasheets, blueprints, and more. Manage all your submittals from an intuitive dashboard. Easily create a new submittal in minutes. Then manage all your submittals in one place with the ability to sort and search from one page. Quickly see reports on the status of submittals and update them with one click. Print, email, or create a PDF of any submittal you want.


The Transmittals feature allows your team to easily and efficiently manage the transmittal of any construction documents, files, samples, or more sent electronically and track proof of delivery from an intuitive dashboard. Easily create new transmittals in minutes, including transmittal type and details of each transmittal. Then manage all your transmittals in one place with the ability to sort and search from one page. Quickly see reports on the status of transmittals and update them with one click. Print, email, or create a PDF of any transmittal you want.

CMPRO™ Also Has the Features Your Office Team Needs to Manage the Project Budget, Forecasting, Change Orders, and More.

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