CMPRO™ for General Contractors

CMPRO™ gives your general contractor office team everything needed to keep the project finances on track including, budgets, forecasting, internal change orders, pay applications, pay period management, proposed change orders, owner change orders, vendor contracts, and vendor change orders. Your team will have everything necessary to keep the financial side of your project well-managed and flowing smoothly.

Give Your Project Accounting and Bookkeeping Team the Right Tools to Manage the Project Finances Like Never Before

As a General Contractor, keeping the project budget, forecasts, pay applications, and change order documentation in line throughout the project is paramount and keeps the cash flowing. Poorly documented change orders, whether they are from the client or your sub-contractors, can hurt the project’s profitability and your company’s financial wellbeing. Mismanaged pay applications, owner draws, or Sub-Contractor draws can stop a job in its tracks. CMPRO™ gives your office accounting and bookkeeping team the right tools to manage the financial side of every project in an easy-to-learn and use web-based software platform. Your office will be more connected with your job site management team than ever before, ensuring everything that impacts your bottom line is easy to manage and well-documented. 

Learn More About the CMPRO™ Product Features Designed Specifically for General Contractor Office Teams

CMPRO™ gives your General Contractor office staff all the tools necessary to easily and efficiently organize and manage the project financial components, including Budget,  Internal change Orders, Forecasting, Pay Applications, Pay Periods, Proposed Change Orders, Owner Change Orders, Vendor Change Orders, and Vendor Contracts in one easy-to-use software application. CMPRO™ is designed and developed by construction management professionals with decades of build experience. We’ve taken a lean approach to our product giving your team everything you need and nothing you don’t. CMPRO is intuitive, easy to learn, set up, and use, reducing training time and shortening learning curves. Because CMPRO™ is web-based, it runs easily on any connected desktop or mobile device. It allows your team to coordinate all essential job-site documentation and communication with your office and project stakeholders every day.


Controlling the project budget throughout every construction phase is vital to the bottom-line profitability and the overall financial health of your business. It’s one of your primary responsibilities as the General Contractor on the job. The CMPRO™ Budget dashboard allows you to manage Division, Cost Code, Original Budget, Approved Changes, Revised Budget, Contract Amount, Current Cost, Cost To Date, Percent Complete, Balance To Complete, Estimated Completion Cost, and Savings/Loss. CMPRO™ has the simple and intuitive budget management features your office financial, accounting, and bookkeeping team needs to effectively direct the project budget.

CMPRO construction management software general contractor office budget feature
CMPRO construction management software general contractor office internal change orders feature


Documenting and managing Internal Change Orders and distributing them to your project team can be mission-critical to the construction project at every phase of the build. CMPRO™ Construction Management Software makes it simple and intuitive to add any revised scope of work, pricing, and contract implications such as budget impact and timeline, and distribute them to project stakeholders quickly and easily.


Accurately forecasting the financial side of a construction project is critical to the project’s profitability. Seeing the financial picture ahead gives you powerful decision-making insight and flexibility. The CMPRO™ Forecasting feature allows you to manage and report Estimated Cost to Complete (ECC), Division, Cost Code, Amount, Estimate, Cost to Date, Contract Amount, and Sub-Contractor from one easy-to-use dashboard.

CMPRO construction management software general contractor office forecasting feature
CMPRO construction management software sub-contractor office pay applications features


Getting Pay Applications completed accurately and submitting them on schedule keeps everyone working and the project cash flowing so milestones are met and the construction schedule stays on track. Pay applications are the financial lifeblood of the project. If they’re inaccurate, incomplete, or late it can slow down critical cash flow and significantly impact the project’s profitability and timing. CMPRO™ allows you to easily create, submit, and manage pay applications from one intuitive dashboard. Never miss a pay application again.


The Pay Period Management dashboard in CMPRO™ allows you to set up, organize, and manage sub-contractor draws and vendor payments per pay period easily, keeping the project budget and cash flow on course. Entering sub-contractor and vendor invoices per pay period automatically populates the Cost/Cost to Date in the project budget, keeping everything current and documented.

CMPRO construction management software general contractor office pay period management feature


Creating, managing, tracking approval status, and distributing Proposed Change Orders with your entire build team, from owners and stakeholders to your personnel in the field, to sub-contractors, vendors, and suppliers is easy with CMPRO.™ Track Proposed Change Order status, submit updates to team members via email, all with just a few clicks, from one simple user interface.

CMPRO construction management software general contractor office proposed change orders feature
CMPRO construction management software general contractor office owner change orders feature


The project owners and stakeholders are touring the construction site with your field team today. You know there will be change orders coming. Give your General Contractor office team an easy-to-use, intuitive, and flexible software solution for documenting, managing, and transmitting Owner Change Orders from one simple dashboard. Create new change orders, or edit and manage the status of existing ones easily. 


The Vendor Change Orders feature in CMPRO™ gives your General Contractor office accounting and bookkeeping team the tools you need to create, track, and distribute change orders from your construction project vendors and suppliers. Easily manage the revised scope of work, pricing for the new work, and any relevant modifications to the original contract such as extending the schedule to accommodate the change-ordered work from an intuitive dashboard.

CMPRO construction management software general contractor office vendor change orders feature
CMPRO construction management software general contractor office vendor contracts feature


Manage all of your Vendor Contracts on the construction project from one simple dashboard that gives office and field teams the vital information they need to manage every vendor successfully, from project start to completion. CMPRO™ allows your General Contractor office accounting and bookkeeping team to easily add vendor contracts to the project and cost code them accordingly.

CMPRO™ Also Has the Features Your Field Team Needs to Manage Daily Logs, Meetings, RFIs, Punch Lists, Change Orders, and More​

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